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Banana Vs Cheez Pizza

While asking the rate of Banana, Mr. X was very aggressive with a cartwheel salesman, he asked him to reduce the cost from at-least 25 to 30 rupees per dozen and provide him 2 dozens as per the rate of Rs. 40. On settlement, he took the bananas as per his own rates and left. He was extremely shouting and abusing the peddler for the due inflation, hike in prices and sort of haram things which were making the situation critical for other peoples.
While getting back to home, suddenly he remembered the ‘Pizza’ which his beloved daughter had wished while he was leaving the home. He rushed towards a well-known Pizza Chain, placed his order. After 40 minutes, he got his favorite pizza with a pack of Salad, then he paid a bill of Rs.1,920. While leaving the outlet, he was apprising the delivery man and asking him to keep the change left from the paid amount of Rs. 2,000/-.

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