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Happy New Year!

A vague and unnecessary ritual being celebrated all over the world. In-fact, it is a moment in which we need to think about, that one more year from the life of a person, has now ended. It is the time to think that what good deeds we have done and how many good activities we performed during the last year.
However, New Year’s Eve don’t have any value itself, according to ponders; this is an ambiguity and inability of people showing an unnecessary deliberations towards others, and it is just another false reason to get drunk, and high over the drugs.
For a moment, let us assume that we are about to celebrate the new year. My questions to all of you are; are we ethically allowed to do so. If yes then what are the benefits of doing so? What is the main reason to celebrate new year, being Muslim our new year should be started with Muharram-ul-Haram, which has deliberately converted into the month of Sacrifices, Courage and Wisdom?
Are we the part of a big game where we are supposed to follow Jewish and Christian religion. Are we so faithless that we cannot control our urges to celebrate something which has no moral value.
Just think about it, and share your valuable findings..

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