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Our System & Society (Part I)

What is System?
“A group of interdependent items that interact regularly to perform a task. “
Simply, a System is a set of rules which we design, prepare ourselves performing a unified role or activity. As we have some examples of Stars, Sun, Moon, Galaxies, they are all working under in a well-unified system already created and designed by Allah SWT.
There are a number of systems being functional in our society, regardless of that they are working properly or not, they are properly correspondence with whom, they are wisely designed or not, their implementation is properly defined amongst the people or not, their makers are whom? How they designed these systems? Which are the values? Which are the advantages/disadvantages? Which are the identifications? Which are the scenarios if any of a violation occurs? And so on.
Each fragmentation of nature works under a well—unified system. Not a single entity in this universe may work beyond this system. The Survival of each entity is basically adhering with a system, because we understand the survival of anything is not possible without a system.
But, prior to make our any type of system better, there is a crucial need to determine our in-house system more productive and influential, the home chores and responsibilities fall on our shoulders are likely needs proper attentions, since we implement betterments in our house, it will definitely ascertain and enhance our social and corporate responsibilities and values positively.
At first, starts with myself. Who I am? When I open my eyes in my mother’s lap, I would see a lady, having a dull smile on her sparkling face, she plays, amuses with me with all of her efforts and love. She strives, and stays awake at nights, when I cry she comes to me, when I call, she comes to me, when I feel hunger, she comes to me. She elates me very much, she loved me very much, and plays a very first and a vital role in my life at my starting level.
Secondly, I see my father, who strives since and even before my birth, he strives and makes himself financially strong for the sake of my mother and for me as well. He is the man who never gets tired, he is the man who never gets sick, he is the one who never gets hurt, he is the man who never cried, he is the man who never gets dozed-off, he is the man who never reveals his feelings, he is the man who hides all the sorrows, he is the man who returns to home late at nights, he is the man who always says ‘Yes’ for all of my desires, he is the man always feels happy while I feel happy, he is the man who understand all my wishes before complaining myself.
The things which are happening to me I never realize as these were come to me without any complaint, These are the eternal blessings which I never realize until I get my own off-springs.
So, it is mandatory for me to think at least once a time, that what is my worth, if I am able to analyze this thing, I am sure t will be the person who make a proper system.
To be continued.. (Part-II)

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