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Our System & Society (Part II)

The misleading information available in the academic curriculum of education system deployed in our society is basically leading our society on the way to darkness. The irrelevant material incorporated in the literature is basically the main reason exploiting our norms and values. The consequent outcome might be the current outrage and law & order situation of the country. Violation of Rules and illicit events are blatantly distracting the future of a common man been striving in this society.

Ultimately, it is essential to educate people by providing them a true and suitable education with the help of a collective literature which may affect positively to their social and personal norms. The material provided in our Academic Literature is not suitable even it is false and misleading the people who are pursuing and striving for the good education. The context of the books is not even according to the preaching of Islam as well. However, the true spirit of education which can confer the social norms identified in Quran has now been intentionally overlooked and evaded to the approach of peoples. The complete comprehensive teachings of Islam are available in the Holy Quran which is a complete guidance to educate people with the actual spirit, even it may also prosper the society.
The Holy Quran and Ahadees-e-Mubarka are the role model curriculums which should be ultimately incorporated/implemented in our academic literature. These are the basics and predefined literatures of Allah SWT which we need to implement in our school education system. The life events of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) before and after the Risalat, and the historical events of Islam mentioned in Holy Quran are the role examples for making our literature more comprehensive. So why we don’t think and strive to incorporate these approaches in our academics literature?
Instead, incorporating the irrelevant material like stories of Ek Tha Heran, Laila Majno, Noori Jam Tamachi, Marvi, Helen Keller, Khutoot-e-Ghalib, Motor Car, Jack n Jill, etc. we need to incorporate the life events of our Prophet, the chronicles of Islamic history defined in the Holy Quran, the actual message of Allah SWT addressing to the whole humanity and the ultimate knowledge of each and every phenomenon of life. It would be the best and appropriate material educating the children of our society.
However, the eternal teachings of Holy Quran and Ahadees are the only ways conquering the world by ethics and distinguished characteristics.

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